We Need Volunteers for the B Meet Tomorrow!

We need more volunteers than usual!  For the Championships we need twice as many timers (two per lane, so sign up with a friend!) Plus, some of our parents will be at the A Meet, so we may not have our usual pool of volunteers (get it pool?)  We’d like to make a good impression to the visiting team and we need your help to run a successful meet.

Never helped before? No problem, we will train you, help you and thank you profusely!

Clean Up Crew, Timers, Marshalers and Greeters… they are all easy jobs.

I Can Volunteer at the B Meet!

B Meet Hospitality Room Donations

As the host, we provide a hospitality room for the coaches and volunteers.  If you can help us with the hospitality room, please see the list below.  We’d like to make a good impression on our visiting teams.

I can donate to the Hospitality Room