The Championship Meets

All Championship Meet Opt-Outs are Due Monday 1/28 at 6:00 PM

Time to focus on the Championship Meets.

How to determine which Championship Meet your swimmer is attending (read carefully – it’s confusing, we know!):

  • All swimmers who competed in at least 1 regular season meet will compete in a Championship Meet.
  • Your swimmer will compete in only one Championship Meet – either the A or B.
  • If your swimmer is 13 or over, he or she will attend the A meet.
  • If your swimmer is 12 or under and not on the list of A meet qualifiers, he or she will attend the B meet.
  • A meets are away meets – see locations.
  • The B meet is at home, and we will need more help than usual!  More information below.

Here is a list of who has qualified for the A meet.

Download A Meet Qualifiers

Opt-outs for the Championships are due Monday (1/28) by 6:00 PM ET.

Here are the dates and locations for the Championship Meets.

DateChampionshipLocationTimes (TBD)Info
B Meet
Ages 12 and Under
HomeWarm Up: 
8:00 AM
Check In Ends:
8:15 AM
Meet Starts:
9:00 AM
We are unable to attend. (by 1/28 6:00 PM)

I can donate to the concession stand.

I can volunteer.

I can donate to the hospitality room.

A Meet
Ages 11 -14
West OttawaWarm Up: 
3:30 PM

Meet Starts:
5:00 PM

We are unable to attend. (by 1/28 6:00 PM)
A Meet
Ages 10 and Under
ZeelandWarm Up: 
8:30 AM
Check In Ends:
8:45 AM
Meet Starts:
10:00 AM
We are unable to attend. (by 1/28 6:00 PM)

More Meet Information

  • Because they include so many teams, the conference meets are run differently than regular dual meets.  We will be competing with 8 other teams in our half of the West Michigan Swim League.  This also means they run a little longer – so be prepared.
  • At the B meet, there is no medley relay, only a freestyle relay.  Swimmers are allowed to swim 1 relay and 2 individual events.  However, each team may only enter 1 relay, so only 4 swimmers in each age/gender group will swim in a relay.
  • Everyone will be entered in their 2 individual events.
  • Swimmers may only swim events for which they have a seed time.
  • Because there are several officials at conference meets, disqualifications will be called on the technical aspects of each stroke, i.e., illegal kicks (common in breaststroke and butterfly).  Therefore, most swimmers will be entered in freestyle and backstroke events.
  • Generally, the Championship Meet signals the end of practices for your athlete – watch for End of Season Party information.

We Need Volunteers for the B Meet on 2.2!

We need more volunteers than usual!  For the Championships we need twice as many timers (two per lane, so sign up with a friend!) Plus, some of our parents will be at the A Meet, so we may not have our usual pool of volunteers (get it pool?)  We’d like to make a good impression to the visiting team and we need your help to run a successful meet.

Never helped before? No problem, we will train you, help you and thank you profusely!

Clean Up Crew, Timers, Marshalers and Greeters… they are all easy jobs.

I Can Volunteer at the B Meet!

B Meet Concession & Hospitality Room Donations

With a bigger meet we have the opportunity to generate some revenue for the team through the concessions stand.  See the donation list below and if you can donate to the concession stand, please do!

And the Northview Athletic Boosters is graciously allowing us to run the concession stand for the B Meet.  But… there are also other sporting events going on this day that may run later than our meet.  That means we will be able to sell concessions for these other events and all proceeds go to NCST.

In addition, we provide a hospitality room for the coaches and volunteers.  If you can help us with the hospitality room, please see the list below.

I can donate to the Hospitality Room

I can donate to the Concession Stand