Championship B Meet Results

Thank you to all the volunteers, donators, parents and swimmers who helped out Saturday!

I hope your swimmer is proud of how they ended their season.

We encountered a scheduling conflict with our end of season party, so we’re still working on a final date.

Practices continue this week for our A Meet swimmers.  We’ve added back in the Silver Practice tomorrow since the High School Meet was cancelled.

Download Championship B Meet Results

Championship A Meets This Weekend

Please note the time for Friday night’s meet!
A Meet
Ages 11 -14
West Ottawa High School
3685 Butternut Dr, Holland, MI 49424
Warm Up: 
3:30 PM
Meet Starts:
5:00 PM
A Meet
Ages 10 and Under
Zeeland West High School
3390 100 th Avenue
Zeeland, MI 49464
Warm Up: 
8:30 AM
Meet Starts:
10:00 AM
We’ll be sending out entries later this week.

Championship B Meet Entries

Heat Wave!

Some notes about the Championship B Meet

  1. We will be doing our best to run a quick meet, make sure your athletes are ready.  Flyover starts and combined events – make sure they have their events written on their arms.
  2. The competition is going to be tough – 9 teams will be competing.
  3. The officials are more strict about proper stroke.
  4. Athletes can participate in only 2 individual events.  And they can only compete in an event they have already competed in during this season (a seed time).
  5. Each team can only have 1 relay per age bracket – so a few athletes will compete in a third event on the relays.
  6. There is no admission fee.
  7. Heat sheets will be $2
  8. Earthbound* should be here to print on demand Championship T-Shirts (Pro tip: order early.)
  9. Maui Wowi should* be here for fruit smoothies.
  10. Typically, the Championship Meet concludes your swimmer’s season.
  11. Practices next week is for A Meet swimmers only.
  12. See you at the End of Season Party –we’re still working with the school on a date.

* I say “should” because they both said they’d be here pending weather.  So we’ll see.

We still need some volunteers tomorrow!

We need your help!  It’s easy!  We’ll teach you.

I Can Volunteer!

Actual Meet Information:

Date: 2/2
Location: Northview
School Opens:  7:45 AM
Warm Up:  8:00 AM
Check In Ends: 8:15 AM
* you must highlight your name or you will be scratched from the meet
Meet Starts: 9:00 AM

Be sure to write your swimmer’s events on his or her arm tonight!
Have a healthy dinner and get a good night’s sleep.

Download Meet Entries

Make Up Practice Tonight – All Groups

You guys!  Are you sitting down?  You aren’t going to believe this.  We’re actually going to have practice tonight.

Make up practice for all groups tonight 6-7 PM!  (if I could make this blink, I would!)

The Boys Varsity Team will be practicing before us, and tonight they will be bleaching their hair in the family locker room.  (It’s a swimming tradition for the high school boys team.)

If you usually use the family locker room, we ask that swimmers come dressed to swim and put their bags on deck.  The family locker rooms will be unavailable tonight.  The regular locker rooms will be available.

B Meet is on for tomorrow.
Entries will be sent out late tonight.  We still need volunteers and help with the hospitality room.  See below if you can help.

We Need Volunteers for the B Meet Tomorrow!

We need more volunteers than usual!  For the Championships we need twice as many timers (two per lane, so sign up with a friend!) Plus, some of our parents will be at the A Meet, so we may not have our usual pool of volunteers (get it pool?)  We’d like to make a good impression to the visiting team and we need your help to run a successful meet.

Never helped before? No problem, we will train you, help you and thank you profusely!

Clean Up Crew, Timers, Marshalers and Greeters… they are all easy jobs.

I Can Volunteer at the B Meet!

B Meet Hospitality Room Donations

As the host, we provide a hospitality room for the coaches and volunteers.  If you can help us with the hospitality room, please see the list below.  We’d like to make a good impression on our visiting teams.

I can donate to the Hospitality Room

Make Up Practice Tomorrow Night – Silver & Gold Only

We’re scheduling a make up practice for Silver & Gold groups tomorrow night after the High School Boys Varsity Meet.

Practice times are as follows for 1/29 only:

Bronze: Cancelled
Silver:  7:30-8:30  OPTIONAL
Gold: 7:30-9:00 OPTIONAL

We ask that swimmers come dressed to swim and put their bags on deck after the meet.  The locker rooms will be full.  It is possible the meet is not quite finished at 7:30.  Your swimmer should not go on deck until after the meet is complete.

The visiting team will be using the girls locker room and Northview is using the boys locker room. So please,  do not use the locker rooms before practice!

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