Only 1 Week Left For Early Bird Signup Special

Or 100 swimmers, whichever comes first.

Don’t miss out!

One more week until the Early Bird deadline (unless we register 100 swimmers first, and we might.) There are currently about 70 swimmers already signed up.  Don’t miss out.

Some updates since last time we spoke…

  1. The meet schedule is now online.  Check it out.
  2. The High School Girls Varsity swim team has a home meet tonight!  Come out and see some of our coaches swim their heart out.
  3. Next Tuesday (10/15) is also a home swim meet, and NCST swimmers get in free!  Save the date for October 15th.
  4. And October 15th is the last day for Early Bird Sign Ups (unless we hit 100 swimmer limit first.)
  5. 70 swimmers also means we’re almost halfway to our team limit of 165 swimmers.

NCST Swim Season will be here before you know it – like in 30 days or so.  Just imagine cold, snowy January and you can sweat it out in the warm humid pool!  Good times.

  • Practices start November 11th.
  • Same practice times as last year.
  • Back by popular demand – Early Bird Sign Ups get personalized swim caps.
  • NEW:  We’re capping the team at no more than 165 swimmers.
  • First time swimmers must attend New Swimmer Evaluation (see below)

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