Frequently Asked Questions from the First Night of Practice

Wow, what a turn out huh?  The first week of each season tends to be pretty crazy but it will settle down.

We fielded a bunch of questions last night, thought everyone might like to hear some of the answers.

1. Yowzers, the team looks huge this year!  How many swimmers signed up?
As of this morning, we are at 140 swimmers.  We have another dozen or so checking us out this week to see if they want to join.  Last year we had 128 swimmers.

2. And it looks like there are lots of new swimmers?
We don’t have official counts, but it looked like about 54 swimmers attended New Swimmer Evaluation.  (Some were returning swimmers who were just eager to get in the pool.)  For the first time, we have Varsity Girls swim team members continue training past their regular season with us.  Actually, the majority of the Northview Varsity Freshman Girls are now on NCST.

We’re very excited about the team.  It’s great to see the program grow with new swimmers coming on board and returning swimmers coming back.

3. When will the Early Bird Swim Caps be in?
We ordered them as soon as possible after the cut off.  The vendor estimated around Thanksgiving, but was very busy with High School teams conferences and finals.  We’re hoping soon.  If your swimmer wants a generic Northview swim cap, we have them in the pool office for $5. (cash only.)

4. Practice four days a week?
Yes, NCST offers practices Monday through Thursday.  The more time your swimmer spends in the water, the faster he or she will get.  We know you won’t be able to make every practice.  Pay attention to the team calendar.  There are cancellations for holidays and other swim teams having meets at the pool.

Have other questions or concerns?  Drop us an email!

Still Haven’t Signed Up?

If you haven’t signed up yet, or are on the Check it Out list and ready to sign up, sign up online.  We will be ordering the team shirts (and parent shirts) on December 1st.

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