Fitter Faster Clinic at EGR

Hey Swim Fam!

Got an itch to get back in the pool?  We just heard that East Grand Rapids is offering a Fitter Faster Starts and Turns Swim Camp.

Here’s the details if you are interested.

Starts and Turns Swim Camp

East Grand Rapids, MI – September 21 & 22

Hello Swim Families!


We have some exciting news! We are producing a Fitter and Faster Starts and Turns swim camp in East Grand Rapids, MI on September 21 & 22!


Session sizes are limited and our whole team could really use help with our starts and turns! We cannot wait for this event and we strongly recommend everyone click the link below to register ASAP! We want all of our swimmers to learn from an Olympic medalist the techniques necessary to improve.

Click Here For Details & Registration »

There will be two sessions each day, one for swimmers ages 11 and under and one for swimmers ages 12 and older. The curriculum each day will be:


September 21: Starts and Underwater Dolphin Kicking

September 22: Flip Turns, Open Turns, and Finishes


Sign up for one or SAVE by signing up for both days!


Each session will be led by Olympic medalist Brent Hayden! We can’t wait for everyone to learn from him! See you there!