Fitter and Faster Clinic At Northview in April

Already missing the pool?  Here’s a note from the school about an upcoming swim clinic:

We have some very exciting news. We are proud to announce that Fitter and Faster is coming to Grand Rapids for a two-day swim camp at Northview High School on April 13 & 14.

This camp is focused on the fastest parts of every race: the start and the turns! These are two of our swimmer’s biggest opportunities to drop time. Session sizes are limited. We cannot wait for this event and we strongly recommend everyone click the link below to register ASAP!

CLICK HERE for details and registration

The curriculum at each session will be:

April 13th:

  •     Session 1 (11 & Under): Starts, Underwater Dolphin Kicking, and Breakouts
  •     Session 2 (12 & Overer): Starts, Underwater Dolphin Kicking, and Breakouts

April 14th:

  •     Session 3 (11 & Under): Flip Turns, Open Turns, and Finishes
  •     Session 4 (12 & Over): Flip Turns, Open Turns, and Finishes

Sign up for one or SAVE by signing up for both sessions for your swimmer’s age group!

Leading each session will be Elite Clinician and Paralympic medalist Tucker Dupree! Tucker was specifically chosen to lead this clinic so that participants can get a deeper appreciation for what the start and turn FEEL like when swum at a high level.  Your swimmers, no matter their ability level will get lots of feedback and leave the clinic better prepared to have better starts and turns in practice and in races. We can’t wait to learn his tips to improve.