Conference Championships This Week!

Here we are, Conference Championships Week.  Below are the entries for each meet, as well as the details.

Remember, day 2 of the A Meet starts where the previous day left off (so – not event #1 – make sure you are there on time

Download the list of A Meet Entries

Download the list of B Meet Entries

Good Luck!  Do your best!

7/20/2017B Meet – All AgesJenisonWarm Up: 9:30 AM
Start: 11:00 AM
7/18/2017A Meet – Ages 13 and UpCalvinWarm Up: 2:30 PM
Start: 4:00 PM
7/19/2017A Meet – Ages 12 and UnderHudsonvilleWarm Up: 2:30 PM
Start: 4:00 PM