Championship A Meets Entries

Championship A Meets are this weekend. Here we go!  It’s show time!  Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.  Let’s get this show on the road!Some notes about the Championship A Meet

  1. The competition is going to be tough
  2. The officials are more strict about proper stroke.
  3. Athletes can participate in only 2 individual events.  And they can only compete in an event they have already competed in during this season (a seed time).
  4. Each team can only have 1 relay per age bracket – so a few athletes will compete in a third event on the relays.
  5. There is no admission fee.
  6. Please remind your swimmer that the Warm Down pool is for warming down, this is not open swim time.  Don’t get worn out before the big event.
  7. Remember that Saturday morning we will be starting at event #37.  Don’t be late thinking that your swimmer doesn’t swim until later.
DateChampionshipLocationTimes (TBD)
A Meet
Ages 11 and Up
MLA (Holland)Warm Up: 
5:00 PM
Check In Ends:
5:15 PM
Meet Starts:
6:00 PM
A Meet
Ages 10 and Under
East KentwoodWarm Up: 
8:30 AM
Check In Ends:
8:45 AM
Meet Starts:
10:00 AM
Please write your swimmer’s event numbers
on his or her hand or arm before the meet

The coaches will be organizing the team,
so please have your swimmer ready.

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