Championship A Meets are On!

That’s right, both A Meets are a go!  Repeat, they are are a go!

Please drive safe, plan for extra travel time as necessary.  Check-in will be slightly relaxed, but please plan accordingly to arrive on time and safely.

If you absolutely – positively – for realz – aren’t going to make it, and you are on a relay, let us know via the contact form on the website.  If you do this, we will have your removed from the meet and you cannot do a late addition.

DateChampionshipLocationTimes (TBD)
A Meet
Ages 11 and Up
MLA (Holland)Warm Up: 
5:00 PM
Check In Ends:
5:15 PM
Meet Starts:
6:00 PM
A Meet
Ages 10 and Under
East KentwoodWarm Up: 
8:30 AM
Check In Ends:
8:45 AM
Meet Starts:
10:00 AM



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