Championship A Meet Entries Update

Hey y’all, there are just a couple of small changes to the entries.  Please double check events before Friday or Saturday.

Congratulations!  You made it!

Some notes about the Championship A Meet

  1. It’s going to be longer and more crowded than our dual meets.
  2. The competition is going to be tough – 17 teams will be competing.
  3. The officials are more strict about proper stroke.
  4. Athletes can participate in only 2 individual events.  And they can only compete in an event they have already competed in during this season (a seed time).
  5. Each team can only have 1 relay per age bracket – so a few athletes will compete in a third event on the relays.
  6. There is no admission fee.
  7. Heat sheets will be $2.
  8. There will be print on demand for Championship T-Shirts (Pro tip: order early.)
  9. Please remind your swimmer that the Warm Down pool is for warming down, this is not open swim time.  Don’t get worn out before the big event.

Actual Meet Information:

Championship A Meet for Ages 11 and Up

Date: Friday 2/10/17
LocationGrand Haven
Warm Up:  4:30 PM
Check In Ends: 4:45 PM
* you must highlight your name or you will be scratched from the meet
Meet Starts: 5:30 PM

Championship A Meet for Ages 10 and Under

Date: Saturday 2/11/17
LocationEast Kentwood
Warm Up:  8:30 AM
Check In Ends: 8:45 AM
* you must highlight your name or you will be scratched from the meet
Meet Starts: 10:00 AM

* Note these event numbers are in a different order than you are used to.

Download Meet Entries