6/21/18 Home Meet Information

There is a lot of information in this email, please read the entire email thoroughly.

1 – Unable to Participate

All registered swimmers (as of 6/18/2018 at 10:00 AM) will be entered into the meet. You must let us know if your athlete will not be participating.

Swimmers not showing up will affect relay teams (3 other swimmers) so it is imperative that you let us know if your athlete is not participating by 10:00 AM on 6/18/2018.  This isn’t like RSVPing to a family party, if we don’t have an accurate participation count, other swimmers will lose chances to swim.

By 10:00 AM on 6/18/2018, let us know your swimmer is unable to participate.

We Cannot Participate in the 6/21 Home Swim Meet

Likewise, if your swimmer has not actually registered for the team yet, he or she will not be entered into any events. Please register by 10:00 AM on 6/18/2018.

2 – Concession Donations

One way we keep our registration fee low for NCST is by generating revenue from our home meet concessions. Unlike the normal school sports concessions where items are purchased, marked up, and then sold, The NCST relies on items that are purchased and donated by you the parents of the team. This way, your contribution of a box of candy or bag of apples is magnified and really helps the team.

Click the link below for a list of things we need for the coming meet(s). Please sign up for at least one of the items, or more if you are able : ). If you are short on time and do not have time to run out and pick something up we will also take cash donations that we can use to purchase what we need. Please bring your donations to the pool deck during practice. We have a great tradition of support by the team parents and it makes a huge difference so thank you very much!

I Can Donate Items to the Concession Stand

NCST is a 501(c)(3) corporation and your donations may be tax deductible.

In addition, we are looking for volunteers to help run the concession stand as well as apprentices to learn the concession stand operations.

3 – Volunteers

We have several volunteer needs to help keep our swim meets running smoothly.  Please consider signing up to help the team out.

Never helped before? No problem, we will train you, help you and thank you profusely!

Clean Up Crew, Timers, Marshalers, Concessions and Greeters… they are all easy jobs.

I Can Volunteer!

4 – Actual Meet Information

Home Meet – NCST vs Wayland, Grandville, GRA
4:15 – Swimmers – Highlight your name at check in and report on deck to your coaches ready to swim
4:30 – Swimmer warm up begins
4:45 – Swimmers who have not checked in will be scratched
5:30 – Swim Meet begins

Good luck everyone!

Save the Date: 6/23 Zeeland Summer Classic Invitational

Here we go!

NCST will be participating in the Zeeland Summer Classic invitational on 6/23.

This is an optional invitational and the fees are not included with your NCST Team registration.

This invite is a great way for your swimmer to get some experience in a different pool.  With all of our regular meets being home meets, swimmers won’t experience a different pool until the championships meets.

We should have full details soon.  But usually entry fees are $5/event.  Swimmers may participate in up to 4 events.  Checks payable to Northview Community Swim Team.

For invitationals you may choose your events or let the coaches choose for you.  (Note: for regular meets, the coaches will always choose.)

More information next week.

Practices Start May 7

That’s a week from Monday – Sign up Today!

Things to do this weekend…clean out the garage, wash the cars, maybe mow the lawn, sign up for NCST.

Yeah, I know, we’re still in middle of spring sports, but we have some swimmers itching to get back in the pool and some coaches ready to coach!

Practices start Monday May 7th!  You can sign up now and join the team when your spring sport ends.  3 home meets  (volunteer signups are online already).  Championships in July.  Get them signed up today!

Season Details Online at NCST-Swim.com

3 Weeks!

Summer Season Starts In 3 weeks – Sign up Today!

I’m going to skip the weather jokes today.  It’s not funny anymore.  Instead, think about how great it is being trapped inside with your kids all day today and think how nice it would be to have them have a summer activity, like, I dunno, swimming with NCST!

Practices start in just 3 weeks. 3 home meets.  Championships in July.  Get them signed up today!

Practices start Monday May7th!

Season Details Online at NCST-Swim.com

It’s Time.

Summer Registration is Open!

We didn’t want you to leave for spring break without getting this taken care of.  I know, you’re thinking about the warm, sunny destination that you are off to.  But before you go, sign up for NCST.  It’ll be one less thing you need to worry about while sipping on that pina colada. Though, I guess if you are sipping on a pina colada in a warm and sunny destination you probably aren’t worrying about too much, but you should still sign the kids up now.  Then have fun on spring break.

Practices start Monday May7th!

Season Details Online at NCST-Swim.com

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