Mission Statement:

ncst-red-no-water-white-text-glowNCST is a community based swimming program accessible to athletes of diverse skill levels. We provide a safe, fun, and caring environment with skilled coaches committed to cultivating a dedicated and passionate swimming community.

Values and Approach

The Northview Community Swim Team (NCST) is a competitive swim team that seeks to provide a positive athletic and learning experience for swimmers ages 6 through 13 (and older in the summer).  Through competition (swim meets), swimmers will train, condition, and hone their technical swimming skills.  While competitiveness is valued, it is primarily a tool for swimmers to achieve their personal bests while also being part of team.  The mark of success for NCST is found not only in the results of each race, but also in the progress each swimmer makes throughout the season and the love that they foster for the sport.

Non-Profit Status

The Northview Community Swim Team is non-profit registered as a 501(c)(3) organization.


NCST’s swim season runs from November through mid-February at the West Michigan Swim League Championship Meets.

West Michigan Swim League

NCST is a member of the West Michigan Swim League (WMSL).  Information about the WMSL may be found on their website.


The Northview Community Swim Team operates out of the Northview Community Pool at Northview High School.
4451 Hunsberger NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

The NCST participates in swim meets throughout West Michigan.