6/27 Home Meet Entries

Whoever did the rain dance on Tuesday, not cool.  Not cool at all.  But while it lasted, that was pretty neat having an outdoor meet at Stonewater Country Club.  Thanks for the invite Coach Andy!

Home meet Thursday.  Same teams as last week.  Hopefully we can keep things moving along.

Home Meet – East Kentwood, Wayland and Grandville at NCST

4:30 – Swimmers – Highlight your name at check in and report on deck to your coaches ready to swim
4:30 – Swimmer warm up begins
5:00 – Swimmers who have not checked in will be scratched
5:30 – Swim Meet begins

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Volunteers!  We need you back!  Let’s do this!  Never helped us before?  It’s easy.

I Can Volunteer!

Next Week

Next week is a holiday week.  Practices on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Next home meet is on 7/11.  Then a quick turnaround for the Championships.

We’ll need volunteers for the 7/11 meet.  And if you know you can’t make it, we need to know that by 10:00 AM on 7/8.

We are Unable to Attend the Home Meet on 7/11

I can Volunteer at the Home Meet on 7/11