1/27 Home Meet Info

If you can’t make it this weekend, you must let us know by 6:30 PM tonight!!

The next couple weeks will be fast and furious as we have some really tight deadlines on the Championship meet entries.

A couple reminders – 

  1. No practice this Thursday
  2. Next Home Meet is Friday night – see below for details
    1. This your last chance to qualify for the A meet.  Make sure you listen to your coaches this week and eat a good healthy family dinner Thursday night.
    2. We need to restock the concession stand for a Friday night meet.
  3. If you can’t make it to the meet, please let us know before Monday (1/23/17) at 6:30 PM.
  4. Make sure you pick up your ribbons after practices this week.
  5. Since the meet is Friday night, sleep in Saturday.  You earned it!

Here’s the results from today’s meet.  Great job all around!

1/27 Home Meet Information

Next week’s meet is home vs Calvin.

Remember, this is a Friday night meet!
Warm Up:  5:30 PM
Check In Ends: 5:45 PM
Meet Starts: 6:30 PM

1 – Unable to Participate

All registered swimmers (as of 1/23/2017 at 6:00 PM) will be entered into the meet. You must let us know if your athlete will not be participating.

Swimmers not showing up will affect relay teams (3 other swimmers) so it is imperative that you let us know if your athlete is not participating by 6:30 PM on 1/16/2017.  This isn’t like RSVPing to a family party, if we don’t have an accurate participation count, other swimmers will lose chances to swim.

By 6:30 PM on 1/23/2017, let us know your swimmer is unable to participate.

We are unable to attend the 1/27 Home Meet

2 – Volunteers

We have several volunteer needs to help keep our swim meets running smoothly.  Please consider signing up to help the team out on Friday, January 27, 2017.

Never helped before? No problem, we will train you, help you and thank you profusely!

Clean Up Crew, Timers, Marshalers and Greeters… they are all easy jobs.

I can volunteer!

3 – Restock the Concession Stand

We need to restock!  One way we keep our registration fee low for NCST is by generating revenue from our home meet concessions. Unlike the normal school sports concessions where items are purchased, marked up, and then sold, The NCST relies on items that are purchased and donated by you the parents of the team. This way, your contribution of a box of candy or bag of apples is magnified and really helps the team.

Click the link below for a list of things we need for the coming meet(s). Please sign up for at least one of the items, or more if you are able : ). If you are short on time and do not have time to run out and pick something up we will also take cash donations that we can use to purchase what we need. Please bring your donations to the pool deck during practice. We have a great tradition of support by the team parents and it makes a huge difference so thank you very much!

I can donate!

NCST is a 501(c)(3) corporation and your donations may be tax deductible.

In addition, we are looking for volunteers to help run the concession stand as well as apprentices to learn the concession stand operations.

4 – Actual Meet Information

Friday Night Meet!

Home Meet – NCST vs Calvin
5:15 PM – Swimmers – Highlight your name at check in and report on deck to your coaches ready to swim
5:30 PM – Swimmer warm up begins
5:45 PM – Swimmers who have not checked in will be scratched – prompt!
6:30 PM- Swim Meet begins

Good luck everyone!