12/27/18 Home Meet Info & Entries

And so it begins.

Are you ready?  Practice meet tomorrow night. Be there.

We’re going to do a quick check in and warm up tomorrow night, just so first timers can see the process.  But then we’ll  run this meet at the usual NCST pace (which is pretty quick, so make sure your swimmer is paying attention to the events). This way we aren’t out too late.

We will need timers to help the meet run successfully.  If you can be a timer, please do, it’s the easiest way to get a front row seat.  Timer volunteers should meet inside the pool by the family locker room.  First come, first served, please.

We will not be running the concession stand for this meet.  Please plan on eating before or after the meet.  We will be opening the concession stand for the regular home meets and will be looking for donations next week.

All ages arrive at 6:00 PM.Home Meet – NCST vs NCST
6:00 PM – Swimmers – Highlight your name at check in and report on deck to your coaches ready to swim
6:00 PM – Swimmer warm up begins
6:15-ish – Swim Meet BeginsEntriesMake sure you write your swimmer’s events on his or her hand or arm (See below for details).

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Oh, you’re a First Timer?  Here’s some more information

This is our usual spiel for a Saturday morning meet, please adjust as needed for this Thursday night one.
 Make sure your swimmer arrives with ample time to check-in and warm-up.

Your swimmer must check in so that the event coordinators know he or she is there.  If your swimmer does not check in, he or she will be scratched from the events. Check in is either with a person at a desk or you highlight your name on a list – it depends on location.  Go with the flow when you arrive, you’ll figure it out.Once checked in, swimmers proceed to the locker room and swim deck and find your team and Coach.  The team generally sits together and cheers each other on.  Parents up to the balcony to watch.Your athlete will want 2 towels, one to sit on, one to dry off with.  Healthy snacks is a good idea, remind them to clean up after themselves.  Something to entertain themselves between events may be a good idea – electronics are discouraged (it’s a wet pool after all.)Don’t forget your goggles!  In fact, bring an extra pair if you have them.

Coaches will warm up the athletes.

Check in Cut Off
Any swimmers who have not checked in will be scratched from the meet.

Meet Starts
Once the meet starts, athletes need to listen for their events to be called.  They will be marshaled ahead of time to keep the meet moving.This is where it helps for the swimmer to have event numbers written on his or her arm.  Note, we won’t know the heat and lane numbers until the day of the meet.  So, just write the event number, distance and stroke on your athlete’s arm.

Please do this the night before, this is a parent’s responsibility.  
Coaches will be occupied warming the swimmers up.

Writing your events on your armFor example, this swimmer is swimming event #4, a 200 yard relay (that is what the R is), he is in the B relay and will be crushing the fly stroke.  He is also swimming event #16, the 100 yard individual medley.  Then finishing the day in event #24, the 50 yard free.  Event numbers are not the same for every meet – so double check.  Also note in the background, this swimmer’s parents pestered him enough to lay out his swim bag, competition suit, goggles and comfy clothes for after the meet so he was all ready to go in the morning.

Remind your swimmer they are representing themselves and our community.  Be respectful of the facility and other swimmers – clean up before they leave.  Cheer their teammates on and have fun!  Swimmers should focus on improving on their own times and contributing to the team overall.Don’t forget to read our First Timer guide online too.  Especially the part about Heats and Events (your swimmer may win a heat, but not the overall event.  Some events have many heats.)

Good luck everyone!